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207 Interview Techniques

207 Interview TechniquesThis first DVD came about from my experience of running my own recruitment agency in London. I used these tips and techniques to coach my candidates before they went to interview. The results were outstanding. The candidates who followed these tips won between 4 to 10 times more job offers than those who didn’t.

More interestingly, those candidates who refused to be coached, thinking they ‘knew it all’ and didn’t need the advice, were actually beaten to the job offer by less experienced candidates who followed the advice.

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  • Introduction

  • Part 1 : Applying

  • Part 2 : Research

  • Part 3 : Arriving

  • Part 4 : Rapport

  • Part 5 : Questions

  • Part 6 : Answers

  • Part 7 : Presentations

  • Part 8 : Closing

  • Part 9 : Offer