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Executive Interviews

Executive InterviewsInterviews at the executive level are simply more difficult than interviews for entry-level jobs. This is because the stakes are significantly higher. As an executive, you will be called upon to make a number of critical decisions. Therefore, you have to be able to work well under intense pressure.

When you reach the executive level, the competition for jobs is incredibly difficult. After all, there are a finite number of executive positions available. Also, there are any number of MBAs who are ready and willing to fill any vacant positions.

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  • Introducing The Experts

  • Part 1 : Networking

  • Part 2 : Online Presence

  • Part 3 : Personal Brand

  • Part 4 : Due Diligence

  • Part 5 : Selling Youself

  • Part 6 : Types of Interview

  • Part 7 : Rapport

  • Part 8 : The Interview

  • Part 9 : Questions to Ask

  • Part 10 : Closing with Style

  • Part 11 : Follow Up

  • Part 12 : The Job offer

  • Part 13 : Final Thoughts