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Leaving The Public Sector

Life After The Public SectorThe Public Sector is characterised by specialist work, people who stay in their roles a long time and people who are, generally speaking, unused to undergoing significant business and career change. Although it can initially feel like a lonely, daunting and scary prospect there are many things that people can do to start to help and prepare themselves for the future. Even if you feel your job is very specialised, with help, transferable skills and strengths can be identified, polished up and promoted. Additionally, weaker skills areas (and we all have them) can be given the right focus, training and attention. So what sorts of things should you start to think about now?

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  • Part 1: Facing The Change

  • Part 2 : Comparing Sectors

  • Part 3 : Finding The Right Role

  • Part 4 : Your CV

  • Part 5 : Networking

  • Part 6 : Online Presence

  • Part 7 : Your Brand

  • Part 8 : Identifying Skills

  • Part 9 : Clarity

  • Part 10 : Research

  • Part 11 : The Interview (coming soon)

  • Part 12 : Questions

  • Part 13 : (coming soon)

  • Part 14 : Following Up

  • Part 15 : And Finally …