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Surviving Redundancy

Surviving RedundancyBeing made redundant can be an incredibly traumatic experience. From suffering the gut wrenching feeling to being completely lost as to the way forward, can leave you with huge self esteem issues. This is a roadmap of exactly how to rebuild your life – practical wisdom on the subject of redundancy, its effects on people and significant ways to map out a route to a better future. It offers clear and calm information on how to deal with the shock and emotions of sudden job loss, how to reassess finances and costs of living, how to use redundancy-enforced ‘free time’ to the best advantage and how to see the potential disaster of redundancy as a springboard to life changes and new opportunities.

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  • Part 1 : Hearing The News

  • Part 2 : Sorting Your Finances

  • Part 3 : Keeping Spirits High

  • Part 4 : Routine and Discipline

  • Part 5 : Opportunities

  • Part 6 : Job Search

  • Part 7 : Networking

  • Part 8 : Goal Setting

  • Part 9 : Time Management

  • Part 10 : Getting A Coach

  • Part 11 : And Finally